What to bring?

What we provide
vue-du-lac-centre-kio-oWe provide bedding (sheets, a pillowcase and a blanket), a towel and a washcloth. Yoga mats, blocks and straps are available in the workshop spaces.

During your stay you will need to walk between the different buildings, so we suggest bringing good walking shoes and boots. We ask that you take your shoes off at the entrance to each building; indoor footwear is provided in the dining area.

We suggest you bring loose, comfortable clothing to wear for the activities during your stay at Kio-o. Also pack warm clothes as summer evenings can be cool. We also suggest you bring a sun hat, waterproof jacket as well as swimsuit and beach towel if you plan to swim.

Please bring your own toiletries (soap, toothbrush, etc.). Also bring sunscreen, a flashlight, paper and pen for your personal notes and a water bottle (that can be refilled on site with our top-quality tap water). You may not bring or use candles.