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A 7-day Inter-dimensional Grid Activation and Retreat Immersion – Carol Fitzpatrick

26 août 2018 - 30 août 2018

A Call to Service: A Global Grid Activation
A 7-day Inter-dimensional Grid Activation and Retreat Immersion
Friday August 24 – Thursday, August 30th 

Is this Yours to Do?
We are being called to this region to work with consciousness of the water element and the whales for balancing and stabilizing the planetary grid. This 7-day journey begins with activation sequences along the St. Lawerence River, including a water blessing. Then we will make our way into the oldest mountain range on earth. At the Kio-o Centre, we will engage in a deep immersion experience doing activation sacred ceremony while also offering support for the human energy system and collective light body re-calibration.  Learn more / Register:

Who Should Attend:
  • Seers and Inter-dimensional travelers
  • Visionaries and world servers who feel called to anchor light and build thriving centers of light
  • Healers who are ready to take their work to the next level of selfless service
  • Embodied beings of light who feel a connection with the Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian and Hathor Star Elders
What you will learn, experience and discover:

How to flow in full alignment with source in community
How pure intention and surrender transforms your life
Energetic and Hands on healing—healers helping healers transform.
The power of the sacred circle as a shared path of service.
The embodiment of the new global patterns and how those patterns manifest as your life path and purposeThe new way of allowing for accelerating your path of joyous service.
The power of oneness in community where all voices are heard and valued.


What  people are saying…

My life is forever changed! ” 

Part One: Activation ~ Two nights / 3 days in Montreal along the St. Lawerence River 

Friday, August 24-Sunday, August 26: We will gather and be joined by Anne Michaude, a life long resident of Montreal and Luma, a medicine woman of the Algoncurn Tribe. We will be guided through a series of activation sequences at significant sites along the St. Lawerence River and in Old Montreal.

Part Two: Anchoring the Codes ~ 4 nights / 5 days
Sunday, August 26 – Thursday, August 30th: From Montreal, we will take a 90-minute driver into the oldest mountain range in the world to region of Mt. Tremblant. There we will settle into the Kio-o Centre surrounded by pristine nature for our time of gathering to anchor the Light Codes and to receive instruction on what is ours to do. 
What you will learn through experience:
How to fully Listen and Trust your Heart
Drop into the stillness to open your higher senses
Greater joy and freedom
Heal and transform as you support others and they support you
Find your own unique voice
Harmonize and be supported by nature
Feel the alignment within self
Your core values as an embodied being of light
How to sustain the collective consciousness grid long after we have parted company
How to integrate current and future light infusions to uplift and support the body, mind and spirit.

Once we begin this deep immersion experience, together, we hold the energy of the Sacred Heart and allow ourselves to align in Heart and Spirit. Join us for a remarkable, life altering nine day activation.

Transformational practices are designed to open you up to receive very high frequencies of light, light that transforms and uplifts.
 Our time together will begin by setting pure intention then aligning with that intention as we co-create with higher dimensional beings and deeply listen to what is ours to do and co-create.
Throughout this nine day experience, you will be encouraged to deeply listen to your inner voice and your knowing, and act on that knowing in the context of the group’s intention.

Your facilitators will invite you into sacred configurations with others to amplify soul level awareness and to vision the way forward. The direction that have supported this activation sequence is to hold and anchor light in three particular locations around the Lake as we are guided, as we deeply listen to what is ours to do.

You open to:
  • Shift your awareness from mind to heart.
  • Sense and feel the subtle energies of the body-mind continuum.
  • Open to amplify a unified field of light for healing and transformation.
  • Amplify the light in the body.
  • Fully honor yourself and others in this new field of oneness.
  • Experience the true healing power and how to embody it for highest good.
  • Amplify the field of light that we are, and trust the knowing that guides us.



Début :
26 août 2018
Fin :
30 août 2018
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