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The Healing Power of Women’s Ritual Dances.

18 septembre 2020 - 21 septembre 2020

Intensive sacred circle dance weekend led by Laura Shannon with exquisite live music by Kostantis Kourmadias.  For women with circle dance experience.

September 18-20 with optional Master class September 20-21

Optional Master Class with Laura Shannon: The Dance of Wholeness: Integration of the Opposites in Traditional Women’s Ritual Dances. 

In Laura’s words: Traditional ritual dances are among the oldest circle dances. Simple yet profound, they celebrate the sacredness of the natural world, and help us reconnect with ourselves, each other and the cycles of life. Coming from cultures which have survived many periods of transition, these dances can wisely and joyfully guide us through our own life changes. They channel positive energy, life force or chi, which helps support healing and transformation on all levels. As we dance our way towards the fall equinox, we will also address themes of harvest and balance, in the dance and in our lives. The optional Master Class from Sunday to Monday will address these themes of wholeness and integration more intensively and deeply.

LAURA SHANNON is known worldwide for her pioneering approach to traditional women’s dances as tools for healing and transformation. Traditional Greek, Balkan and Armenian dances embody an ancient worldview of sustainability, community, and reverence for the earth. Blending folk dance, circle dance and dance/movement therapy, Laura’s teaching seeks to rekindle this awareness and to rediscover the hidden wisdom encoded in the dances. With over 30 years of experience researching and teaching, Laura is considered to be one of the ‘grandmothers’ of the circle dance movement, and brings her inspiring workshops, performances and trainings to over twenty countries.

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18 septembre 2020
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21 septembre 2020
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