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Who is in ? – Ramya Florence Memmi

16 novembre 2018 - 19 novembre 2018

Who is in?

Zen retreat

This awareness intensive based on traditional Zen techniques seeks a direct experience with the truth of one’s being. The repeated use of the Zen koan “Who is in?” acts like an arrow, piercing through the layers of the mind. It exposes identification with the false personality, rigid beliefs and pre-conceived ideas. It sheds old layers and reveals an expanded state of consciousness, eventually re-connecting us to the source.

The Who Is In? retreat is not another psychological therapy. We seek a direct experience of who we truly are and in this adventure we pass through and beyond ideas, ideals, conditionings, problems, games and identities, in one word … mind. We will use the Koan “Who Is In?” as a tool to return to the source.

The work involves an intense 3 days retreat in silence, active and passive meditations and individual Koan talks.

$330 for the 3 days intensive
$300+ tx for the shared accommodation for 3 nights including 3 vegetarian meals a day.

If you are interested, send me a note and I will send you more information, so you know what you are getting into.

I will give an info talk soon, write me if you wish to join.


‘Who is in?’ is a process I have participated in 3 times. It has irritated me, made me laugh and cry, shown me something I didn’t know about myself, brought me to my limits and cracked me open every time – B, 24

Everything is taken care of and held for you to deepen into your own process. The simplicity of being seen and held has been a powerful healing for me during the workshop and also to take into my day to day life – K, 32

Who is in…  absolute presence, easiness and simplicity.. each moment, a masterpiece of the puzzle.., so simple. There is spaciousness within and without – E, 62

The ‘Who is In?’ with Ramya is an intense and profound journey through the inner landscape. Gently, yet with firmness, she guides you into the core of your own being -T, 51

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Début :
16 novembre 2018
Fin :
19 novembre 2018
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