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Ramya Florence Memmi

Ramya Florence Memmi is a published author, a teacher and an energy therapist with over thirteen years experience
She was an Engineer in 1997 when a Zen retreat shattered her belief system and got her embarked on a four years initiatic journey through India, Israel, and South America. She came back to Montreal with two published books and a passion for exploring and sharing the world of energy.
From her foundations in Energy Healing Art and Advaita VedantaRamya has developed her own synthesis of self-transformational modalities, marrying ancient spiritual and energy practices to the modern therapeutic process.
She has applied her skills as an energy therapist in a women’s shelter, a mental institute, a day care center, a wild animal refuge and a birthing home. She has facilitated workshops on Chakras, Reiki, Energy work, Death, Tarot, Zen, Shamanism, Meditation and Tantra.
She currently designs and delivers energy medicine curricula at NHC Institute of Montreal, facilitates theme oriented workshops in Montreal and Paris, and maintains a private practice that marries the use of Tarot and Energy Work.
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