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Erik Iversen

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Erik Iversen

Body-mind-heart connection

Erik’s life commitment is to playfully awakening the body-mind-heart connection. He co-founded the first 5Rhythms Teacher’s Training in 1988, and has been teaching across North America and Europe ever since, to movers from the ages of 4 to 92 years old.

An invitation to discovery

Erik has taught in schools, in businesses, in meditation retreats and in reform residences for teenagers. He is also a certified Hellerwork Integrative bodywork Practitioner, and a certified coach of The Hendricks Institute of California and a graduate of their 2-Year Transformational Leadership Program. His teaching style is an invitation to discovery through creative expression and a path to transformation that is fueled by celebration, integrity and appreciation. Erik exudes warmth and authenticity, as well as a natural athleticism and joie-de-vivre, creating an inspiring atmosphere for learning and fun.

“Offering people the space and time to experience the pulsating sensual energy inside themselves and to awaken their connection to flowing breath, to rooted feet and to a centered alive pelvis-reach up, root down and live in the heart center.”

— Erik Iversen

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