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Focusing Therapist and Yoga Teacher

I have been passionate about the study of yoga, movement, dance, meditation, focusing, and human and spiritual development for as long as I can remember.

This love for life has led me to practise and teach these disciplines for the past 32 years in Quebec, the United States, British Columbia and Europe. 

I work as a workshop leader, facilitator and speaker in institutional and community settings, as well as in the private sector.

When I work with individuals in my focusing practise, it is important for me to recognize each person’s strengths and full potential, to listen deeply to each individual and to their needs, to identify any inner dynamics they carry and to help them develop better communication skills.

When I facilitate Presence and Sound Yoga and Yoga Focusingpractises that I myself created—I do so from a place of presence and connection with my intuition, and I direct participants’ attention to a unified vision of the Self.

  • Certified Yoga Teacher, Montreal and Vancouver
  • Certified Focusing Therapist, New York
  • Psychosynthèse, Ontario
  • Member of the Fédération Francophone de Yoga
  • Member of the Focusing Institute


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