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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how collects, uses and manages the personal information of its visitors. places great importance on protecting your personal information and is committed to maintaining confidentiality when you view and interact with this Website.

The information that records during visits to the Website is provided by visitors voluntarily, intentionally and with their full consent. Simply browsing does not mean any personal information will be recorded. Personal information is recorded only when you voluntarily fill out a form asking for this information.


We gather personal information in the following situations:
•   When you sign up for our newsletter
•   When you request information about one of our classes or workshops via the “Contact” section of the site
•   When you write to us with requests, comments or questions about our services

What we do with this information:
•   We send electronic material to the person who requested it
•   We respond to requests for information
•   We send out information through our newsletter about the classes and workshops offered at Kio-o

Disclosure of personal information
We will not disclose your personal information unless required to do so by law. Legislation may oblige us to provide personal information as part of a formal inquiry, a search warrant or any other court order or request for information. We may have to communicate this information to an investigating body in the event of a breach of contract or violation of the law.

We do not sell or rent personal information.



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In its use of cookies, does not record any personal information nor does it gather any names or details of commercial transactions. Furthermore, does not use cookies for direct marketing purposes.

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When you visit, our Internet service provider records the following information for statistical purposes only: your server address, the top-level domain name, the date and time of your visit, any pages visited and documents downloaded, the site you visited before and the kind of browser you are using.


This privacy policy may be updated at any time. recommends that you visit the Website regularly and read the information provided herein carefully.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or our Conditions of Use.