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Série d'événements Série d'événement : Retraite Zen Satori with ChandraKala and her team

Retraite Zen Satori with ChandraKala and her team

10 juillet 2022 - 15 juillet 2022

599 $


In silence or in communication exercises, this practice of presence based on the exploration of koans of life allows you to explore the mysterious labyrinth of your own human condition with a look that becomes more and more benevolent in front of yourself, in front of others.

The process is framed by a Zen structure that supports a deeply bringing experience to be able to reconcile all the aspects that make a person a unique and complete human being as he is – shadows and light.

A koan is a quest, a fundamental questioning on fundamental themes: Who am I ? Who’s in it ? What is Life? the other? Love? freedom ? trust? the truth ? Etc.

An approach that is both simple and powerful that allows you to find a real inner foundation to approach life responsibly, as a gift to be honoured.

I have had the good fortune to guide this process here and elsewhere in the world for about twenty years and have seen all kinds of people benefit from it. Many come back every year to give themselves a time of silence and rejuvenation that carries them through the rest of the year. Others come for the first time and discover an enlightening new look at themselves and at the texture of life in all its dimensions. So we will continue inspired by the past – our own and that of realized beings who have gone before us who light the way. Inspired also by the current reality in which we live. That is to say, use the traditional method and adjust it to our current reality.

The Satori retreat will take place as always through an evolutionary process which includes a certain intensity necessary for the descent in depth. There will also be periods of rest and meditation to allow the integration of what is going on during the active practices of communication/listening to the koans of life, in order to bring relaxation to the effort of the process.

The ‘Koan’ is a dynamic questioning that leads to the essential source of who we are on all our facets and all our colors. It serves to cultivate a fair look at reality as it is beyond fears, protections, justifications and judgments to have access to the totality of what we are – which includes shadow as much as light. Just about everyone is terrified of their shadow side; this is what creates the tension and pretensions that hurt so much. But right next to the shadow, there is light. Closing oneself to the shadow would also be closing oneself to the light – facing it allows us to demystify it, to take it for what it is and nothing more.

This update broadens the gaze and gives access to all of reality – nothing to create, nothing to reject, everything to include.

No analysis, no interpretation, no interference: only silent listening and free communication framed by silence.

” Who am I ? ” ” Who’s in it ? What is life, the other, love, freedom, truth, trust, etc.? The other communicates and I listen – I communicate and the other listens, in a reassuring guided protocol. There is no conversation or interrelation between the

participants. Each becomes a mirror-witness for the other in turn; but each remains alone in his unique and personal experience.

In the Zen tradition, Satori is a moment of realization, of unity, of clarity… a moment of grace that opens up an essential space in oneself. It cannot be forced but can be invited by cultivating the state of presence.

Different types of meditations, readings and rest periods will be part of the daily routine; as well as individual meetings with Chandra as individual support to support each person’s journey.

Outside of periods of active practice, we are in silence.

The approach is powerful and very simple at the same time. It allows you to find a real foundation in yourself to eventually become simpler in the face of the great jazz of the human condition – it leads to a force of reconciliation essential to human well-being.

What to bring:

· Comfortable clothes (light & warm – enough to be able to change often) .

· Walking shoes .

· Shawl or light blanket .

· Swimsuit in season .

· Watch and alarm clock (independent of IPod or cell)

Don’t bring:

· Computer, iPad, iPod, Cell, etc

· Nothing to read or write

· No jewelry

· No make-up products or shaving equipment

· Additional food – unless on special diet

· No scented product (even if it’s natural)

* Simple, cleansing, sustaining and tasty vegetarian food will be served without restriction. For really necessary dietary particulars, contact Kio-o directly for the required arrangements.

* For people with physical restrictions, it is possible to use straight chairs – just ask.


Retreat: $599

Accommodation :

$595 plus taxes for 5 nights in shared occupancy, including meals

$820 plus taxes for 5 nights in single occupancy, including meals


Registration before June 1:

15% discount on retreat and accommodation

A deposit of $75 will confirm your registration




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10 juillet 2022
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15 juillet 2022
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599 $


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